FotoDoor Photography

Rod Black of Fotodoor photography came up with a brilliant concept to turn my fellow model Brandie Chapman and I into sexy Transformers (optimus prime and Bumblebee) The shoot was so much fun! the Helmets had sound effects so naturally Bea and I couldn't stop pushing the buttons and talking into the mics..haha I can't wait to work with him again and see what other photos we can bring to life! 

Red Couch by Travis Haight

Here is the second shoot I did with Travis Haight as we played around in my living room :)

Anonlatex shot by Travis Haight

I got the chance to finally work with Travis Haight...and let me tell you I was not at all disappointed! I had a Latex bodysuit by Anonlatex out of Europe to shoot and the weather and locations were an issue. We made due with my livingroom and had so much fun doing it!!! Thanks again Travis and Anon!

Danger Ninja Productions photoshoot

Daniel Hoyt aka Danger Ninja is an amazing local photographer in Portland Oregon! His use of lighting and color in photos is absolutely beautiful. He makes woman look absolutely stunning!

Miscellaneous photoshoots!

This gallery is a collection of photos from different photographers over the years. Each photo is credited individually. Enjoy!

Kyer Wiltshire

Kyer Wiltshire. He began taking pictures as a teenager, documenting his outdoor lifestyle backpacking and climbing in the Pacific Northwest, then living in Spain and Latin America. He started photographing the West Coast festival culture in 2001, drawn by the beautifully adorned attendees and performers. As the author of Tribal Revival: West Coast Festival Culture, a gorgeous coffee table book that was published in 2009, He provide a unique window through which to view the world of special events and moments.

Andy Harmark Photography

Andy Hartmark resides in L.A. and is the lead photographer for the Magazine Bound By Ink.

Chris Goddard Photography

Chris Goddard is an up and coming photographer that lives in Portland, Oregon. He's one of my favorite people to work with! We always have a great time and he helps me create magic!


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