I got back some teaser shots from the wonderful Casey Grant. ( ) I added a gallery with some of the pics I've gotten back! enjoy guys!!! There will be more soon :D

I got my first Pair of Tawapa tunnels and shot with Chris Goddard :D

I must say that I have never been a fan of organic plugs. I have always tried to stick with Glass and Metal, BUT! I finally gave in! they are absolutely fantastic!!

Rose City Most Metal Dancer Competition

I just wanted to post to say that The most metal Dancer competition has to be one of the greatest competitions out there for Portland Dancers! I participated and had the most amazing time!!!! It is not to be an annual event, and I will most definitely be taking part in it again next year!!!

UNITED INK TOUR sept 6-8th

New Photo by Chris Goddard for the United Ink Tour. I'm one of the Inked Angels for the show! It's just around the corner! I'm so excited and the picture turned out Beautifully.

Andy Hartmark Kills it!

OK... so I'm a sucker for Gore and Horror shoots! ... and I absolutely love working with Andy Hartmark (the lead photographer of the tattoo Magazine Bound By Ink) for just that! But! This time we decided to try out character play instead with the help of Claire Brooksbank.


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