About Me

I just moved back up to Portland, OR!! ..and all is going well! I love to travel and have no issue doing so for the right projects. I love doing alternative type modeling- including tasteful nudes and horror/gore. I was training to be a tattoo artist in New York/Illinois, but I just paint, Dance and Model for now. I am up for anything. I love crazy, random photographs. Throw your ideas at me!

*CONTACT: If you are interested in working with me please feel free to contact me here through the page in the Contact section

*BOOKING INFO: My rates are reasonable and I am willing to negotiate under certain circumstances. I am my own makeup artist, however I don't mind using your makeup artist if discussed ahead of time. I am available to travel if of course ,provided that all of my expenses are fully paid.

*GENRES I AM OPEN TO: nudes, implies, beauty,pinup,erotic ,horror, fashion, fetish, glamour, gothic, commercial, bikini, femme fatale and more!! feel free to throw ideas my way!


And if ya really wanna get to know me...here are some random facts! haha

1) I tried to open a restaurant when I was 7 in my parents shed...haha..didn't work out.
2) I'm allergic to most antibiotics..and I always seem to get infections..figures.
3) The only bug that seriously creeps me out is an earwig.
4) I have met Marilyn Manson 
5) I almost hit a propane tank when I was 8, driving my dads truck...oops
6) I could sleep all day and all night and not have a problem with it.
7) I LOVE VAMPIRES!...if only they were real.
8) I have only been grounded twice in my life, neither stuck..haha
9) I use to love to sic my dog on my cat when I was little, when my dog died..the cat still freaked.
10) My school bus killed my dog and drug it down the road. We let her outside only to Pee. School that day was rough.
11) I thought bratwursts were made from children who had been bad and rice was actually maggots...thanks dad.
12) I had night terrors until I was 14. I would wake up screaming all the time. I slept with the lights on or TV.
13) Everyone's parents always thought I was a bad influence...but I never did anything bad.
14) I went to Ozzfest 2001 in a bikini. I got second degree burns.
15) I've been so sunburned the skin on my boobs slothed off like goo.
16) I HATE people...big groups...hate hate hate....but...I always work in customer service.
17) I cry when animals die, but not when humans do..everyone I have dated thinks I'm messed up.
18) I use to be a wolf handler in Oregon when I was 18
19) I hate living in one place to long, but loath moving.
20) I like to tell people about my experiences, but everyone thinks it's bullshit. I have done so many things in my short life.
21) My mother and I use to hang out in her office instead of me being in class half the time. I still passed the year, but I sang songs and ate food with my mom most the time. We made ass's of ourselves a few times too..haha
22) I was born with a blood clot the size of me next to me. It was attached to my back...my twin
23) I have twin sisters who look just like me, everyone thinks we are triplets....weird.
24) I don't like chicken fingers...but for some reason I always order them to try them ..just one more time...bleah
25) I hate the feeling of chalk. It's gross...ew. 

You laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at you because you're all the same....

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Address: 5117 SE Powell Blvd Suite #1 Portland, OR 97206 USA.

Tel: 503.954.2903

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